The Importance of Wellness | 2023 Real Property Retreat

Season #2

"The Importance of Wellness" | 2023 Real Property Law Retreat

The Commercial Leasing Diva Podcast, Season 2 - Episode 4

with Jo Ann Woodsum

In this episode, we discuss the importance of wellness both as part of the conference and as a component of a successful real property law practice. In addition to yoga and fitness classes, the conference offered 2 sessions on stress management and featured an amazing speech by Judge Nomoto Schumann.

Judge Nomoto Schumann was the first Asian American woman appointed to the Orange County Bench. During her 34 plus years on the Bench, she developed an expertise in Civil, Criminal, and Family Law cases. Judge Nomoto Schumann is the immediate Past President of the California Judges Assoc; has served as Chair of the California Judges Association's Ethics Committee and the National Women Judges Association; and is the Vice Chair of the California Judge's Ethics Committee.

Judge Nomoto Schumann has a particular concern about attorney wellness. Her speech at the conference was provocatively titled: “Breathe - Then Remember Who the **** You Are”. In her speech, Judge Nomoto Schumann described a period of time in her life when she experienced a series of extremely challenging times including her house burning down. She spoke about the importance of taking time to process life’s events. A highlight of her speech was when she played a jazz improvisation on a portable keyboard.


→ The importance of taking time to process personal life tragedies and traumas

→ Why lawyers seem to be uniquely susceptible to not taking time for themselves

→ How a wellness practice can improve your real property law conference

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